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DNS Intelligence: Domain Identity & Integrity Protection
A Watchtower For Your Brand's Prime Online Assets — Domains
  • Typo-squatting?
  • Domain Takeovers?
  • Phishing?
  • Plagiarism?
  • Brand Erosion?
  • For Brand Hardening?
  • To monitor Infringement & Uptime?
  • To monitor Domain DNS Changes?
  • To monitor Certificate Expiries?

DNS Threat Landscape
  • Threats To Your Revenue
  • How much lost sales and thus unmet revenue is attributable to divulsion to copycats unknown to you?
  • Threats To Your Security
  • Downtimes & data exfiltration? Are you sure your users get served your authentic DNS records? Do you audit them?
  • Threats To Your Brand
  • Does your platform/business get associated with scams & spam?
    Offload DNS concerns to us.
    Focus on your core business
    FREE (forever)

    • Certificate Expiry Monitor (1 domain)
    • DNS Record Change Monitor (1 domain)
    • Standard support

    • Suitable for test driving and if you only need the monitors above for your single domain

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    BUSINESS - $299/year
    30 day money-back guarantee.
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    • Certificate Expiry Monitor (5 domains)
    • DNS Record Change Monitor (5 domains)
    • Domain Portfolio Manager (1 domain family)
    • Brand Hardener (1 domain family)
    • Uptime Monitor (1 domain family)
    • Infringement Monitor (1 domain family)
    • 50 urls/domain Recursive Scans
    • Monthly PDF Reports
    • Expedited support
    • Domain family =,,, ...
      Suitable for individuals/small businesses needing full protection for one domain

    ENTERPRISE - $2999/year
    30 day money-back guarantee.
    Yeah, still that much confident in the value we provide

    • Certificate Expiry Monitor (200 domains)
    • DNS Record Change Monitor (200 domains)
    • Domain Portfolio Manager (20 domain families)
    • Brand Hardener (20 domain families)
    • Uptime Monitor (20 domain families)
    • Infringement Monitor (20 domain families)
    • Site-wide (unlimited pages) Recursive Scans
    • Monthly PDF Reports
    • Expedited support
    • 12 Months of History & Analytics
    • Data Export
    • API Access
    • Domain family =,,, ...
      Suitable for individuals/businesses owning multiple domains needing higher limits & priority support

    Our New Android App
       Certificate Expiry Monitor

    Tracks domain certificate validities to the day and alerts you when expired
       DNS Change Monitor

    Tracks DNS record changes and fires alerts to you. Domain takeovers can be therefore thwarted/rectified on time
       Infringement Monitor

    Typo-squatting is rife. Paired with imitated branding, it results to devastatingly high phishing success rates. Our Infringement Monitor packs a finely-calibrated heuristics engine that prowls the internet, grading lookalikes by percentage matches and severity.
       Brand Hardener

    Funneling your audience to your site is incalculably adversarial. This tool helps you nail down the underpinnings of an authentic & secure pathway against brand erosion, phishing, spam and domain blacklisting
       Domain Portfolio Manager

    Easily import your domains en masse and this tool smart-groups by family, with a neatly thought out panel by the side. Bang on, no wasted mental cycles.
       Uptime Monitor

    Get alerts when your domain is unreachable plus other handy metrics such as DNS response time, TLS handshake time and TTFB (time to first byte).

    A near-realtime mini-dashboard visualizing your essential quick stats. Domains mapped to their host countries on the globe, infringement counts, brandhardener and uptime alerts
       Monthly PDF Reports

    Timely, insightful and aptly-summarised monthly reports showing the health of your portfolio with regards to it's DNS ecology. Caters to both your zoomed-in and zoomed-out curiosity needs