A Watchtower For Your Brand's Prime Online Assets — Domains
  • Domain/Typo-squatters?
  • Domain Takeovers?
  • Phishing?
  • Plagiarism?
  • Brand Erosion?
  • To monitor Domain & Certificate Expiry?
  • To monitor Domain DNS Changes?
  • To monitor Infringement & Uptime?
  • For Brand Hardening?

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  • Domain Expiry Monitor (1 domain)
  • Certificate Expiry Monitor (1 domain)
  • DNS Change Monitor (1 domain)
PRO - $29/year
  • Domain Expiry Monitor (5 domains)
  • Certificate Expiry Monitor (5 domains)
  • DNS Change Monitor (5 domains)
  • Domain Portfolio Manager (1 domain family)
  • Brand Hardener (1 domain family)
  • Uptime Monitor (1 domain family)
  • Infringement Monitor (1 domain family)
  • Monthly Reports
BUSINESS - $99/year
  • Domain Expiry Monitor (50 domains)
  • Certificate Expiry Monitor (50 domains)
  • DNS Change Monitor (50 domains)
  • Domain Portfolio Manager (10 domain families)
  • Brand Hardener (10 domain families)
  • Uptime Monitor (10 domain families)
  • Infringement Monitor (10 domain families)
  • Monthly Reports
  • Certificate Expiry Monitor
  • unlimited domains
  • Domain Expiry Monitor
  • unlimited domains
  • DNS Change Monitor
  • unlimited domains
    (These 3 monitors can track any domain)

  • Domain Portfolio Manager (unlimited domains)
  • Brand Hardener
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Infringement Monitor
  • Monthly Reports
  • (Brand hardener, uptime & infringement monitors all source domains from the portfolio)
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   Certificate Expiry Monitor

Tracks multiple domains' certificate validity to the day and alerts you when expired
   Domain Expiry Monitor

Tracks multiple domains' registration expiry to the day and alerts you when expired
   DNS Change Monitor

Tracks DNS record changes and fires an alert to you. Domain takeovers can be therefore thwarted/rectified on time
   Infringement Monitor

Packing a finely-calibrated heuristics engine, our infringement monitor prowls the internet, scoring lookalikes with percentage matches while grading them by severity — negligible, probable & definite.
   Brand Hardener

This tool automatically enforces and monitors mechanisms enabling brands maintain their identity/legitimacy and cut down online brand erosion, phishing, spam and domain & IP address blacklisting
   Domain Portfolio Manager

Easily import your domains en masse and this tool smart-groups by family, with a neatly thought out panel by the side. Bang on, no wasted mental cycles.
   Uptime Monitor

Get alerts when your domain is unreachable plus other handy metrics such as DNS response time, TLS handshake time and TTFB (time to first byte).

A near-realtime mini-dashboard visualizing your essential quick stats. Domains mapped to their host countries on the globe, infringement counts, brandhardener and uptime alerts
   Monthly Reports

Timely, insightful and aptly-summarised monthly reports showing the health of your portfolio with regards to it's DNS ecology. Caters to both your zoomed-in and zoomed-out curiosity needs