• Do I need a paid account to sign up?

    No. There's a free tier featuring a handful of the most requested tools for domain monitoring

  • Billing options?

    We bill annually. The savings we get from reduced transaction fees are passed to our clients for all paid tiers

  • Payment methods supported?

    On Android, we support Google payments via the Play Store. On our website, we process PayPal, Apple Pay, credit & debit card payments via Paddle.

  • What is a domain family?,,, we treat all these and their ilk as one domain family.

  • Why do the Certificate, Domain Exoiry Monitor & DNS Change Monitor have higher limits than other features?

    Those 3 monitors accept any domain, regardless of ownership while the rest of the features require domain ownership and source the said domains from the portfolio.

  • Quickest way to reach support?

    Email. The address is always displayed atop our webpages

  • What about setup ease?

    Zero code configuration setup. Just a DNS record addition to verify domai ownership.

  • GDPR? Do I need to be concerned?

    SirenDNS, intentionally, does not embed analytics nor user tracking based on any personally identifiable info.